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Human Digestive System

Digestive Wonderland

Embark on a journey through your body's digestive system – a fascinating process where food turns into fuel for your energy!

Meet your teeth and salivary glands in action as they start breaking down food in the mouth. It's the first step to a nourished body!

Bite, Chew


Mix, Grind, Digest

Explore the stomach's role as a powerful food processor, where gastric juices work their magic to break down what you've eaten.

Journey through the small intestine, where nutrients from the broken-down food are absorbed into the bloodstream for energy and growth.

Extraction Zone

The Nutrient 

Final Stop for Waste

Explore how the large intestine helps in forming and eliminating waste, ensuring your body keeps only what it needs.

Understand how the liver and pancreas play crucial roles in aiding digestion by producing enzymes and regulating blood sugar.



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