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Behind the Scenes of the Admissions Committee

Join us for an exciting webinar, conducted by Prepory! Gain tips and strategies to stand out in college admissions to secure top universities.

Boost your college admissions 

Our webinar, “Behind The Scenes Of  The Admissions Committee,” offers a rare chance to hear directly from a former Harvard admissions officer, offering a unique perspective and insights on college admissions. This transformative webinar is offered in Partnership with Prepory, a premier college admissions and career coaching company that empowers students to achieve their academic aspirations and career goals.

Date & Time
Date: May 23, 2024
Time: 8 PM EST
Who Can Attend
High School Students
Webinar Agenda
Key Outcomes:
  • 📖 Gain strategic insights to craft compelling applications.
  • 🚀 Enhance confidence in navigating the admissions process.
  • 🔍 Receive personalized answers to your questions.
Why Join?
  • 🎓Get exclusive insights from a former Harvard admissions officer
  • 📚Learn strategies to boost your chances at top universities.
  • 💡Get your college admission questions answered by seasoned admissions professionals

    Who Should Attend this Webinar?

    Students Aspiring for College

    If you are a student planning to appear for the College Admission, you must attend this Webinar. Uncover the elements that make an application truly stand out and learn strategies to enhance your chances of admission to top universities.

    Students Preparing for SAT

    If you are a student planning to appear for the SAT this year, you must attend this Webinar. You get a great overview, and very useful tips for success. SAT is not just about knowing your academic topic, but also about being prepared for the test itself.

    Parents of College Aspirants

    If your child is appearing for the college admission, this webinar is for you. You will get an insider’s perspective of the Harvard admissions process, including what makes an application stand out and strategies for gaining acceptance into top universities.

    Parent of a Student Taking the SAT

    If your child is taking the SAT this year, this is for you. You can understand what your child is up against, help them prepare better, and ensure that they hae the right tools and test taking infrastructure on the day of the exam.

    Your Webinar Host:

    Bruno Villegas-McCubbin

    Bruno, a distinguished Harvard alum with five years of experience in Harvard’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions. With bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Harvard and a deep understanding of the admissions process, Bruno brings unmatched expertise to guide attendees through the intricacies of college admissions.

    Before joining Prepory, Bruno worked directly in Harvard’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions, where he meticulously reviewed applications from hundreds of students nationwide. From this extensive experience, Bruno provides unparalleled guidance to help attendees understand what it takes to stand out in the competitive college admissions process.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I attend this webinar?

    Attend this webinar to gain rare insights directly from a former Harvard admissions officer, understand what distinguishes standout applications, and receive personalized guidance through a Q&A session with experienced admissions professionals.

    How will this webinar benefit my college admission process?

    This webinar will benefit your college admission process by equipping you with strategic insights to craft compelling applications, enhancing your confidence in navigating the admissions process, and providing personalized answers to your questions, ensuring clarity and guidance to maximize your chances of admission to top universities.

    Can I interact with the presenter and ask questions during the webinar?

    Absolutely! The webinar provides an interactive platform for engaging directly with the presenter and posing questions. It ensures you can seek clarification on any college admissions process, enhancing your understanding and confidence as you navigate your application journey.


    What happens if I can't attend the live webinar? Will there be a recording available?

    Certainly! While we encourage live participation for the full interactive experience, we understand scheduling conflicts. A recording of the webinar will be made available to all registered participants, ensuring you don’t miss out on the valuable insights shared during the event.

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