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Biology Summer Course

Summer Biology Course For High School Students in Grades 8-12

Students in Grades 8-12 can join our Online Summer Biology Course to avoid the summer slump.

The Online Biology Summer School helps you fill the academic gap during the summer break.

Through the course, you get personalized tutoring along with Diagnostic tests and Worksheets to assist in better learning.

Join the 8-week-long program today and keep your biology knowledge in check.


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Biology Summer School 2024

eTutorWorld is offering an 8-week Online Biology Summer Course in 2024 for high-school students to boost their learning. This Summer camp not only builds up biology skills but also fills in the academic gap during summer break. It provides personalized tutoring, interactive sessions, and live classes that make it the best biology summer camp for high schoolers. The Biology Summer School comes with Free Diagnostic Assessment Tests & curated worksheets.

Quick Summary

  • Batch Size: Personalized Individual Live Tutoring
  • Program Start Date: New programs for all grades and subjects start every day. Book a Free Class now.
  • Duration: 8 to 10 weeks
  • Session Delivery: Online through Zoom. Assignments, Worksheets, and Study Materials are accessible through your eTutorWorld.com student dashboard
  • Session Schedule: Flexible Scheduling to suit your needs, with the ability to Reschedule on the go.
  • Number of Hours: 10 hours and 20-hour packs are available. For different-sized packs, chat with our support team at etutorworld.com
  • Program Fees: Starts at $299 for 10 Tutoring Sessions
  • Certificate of Completion

The good news is that the summer slide can be avoided with the help of just a few hours of study per week, during the summer months. The summer courses can keep children on track with their academics and fill in all the learning gaps before the schools reopen.

Free Diagnostic Assessment

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Summer Slide 

Summer slide is a common issue experienced by children across all levels. Students experience academic loss during the summer break and return to school with a need to revise and relearn several of the topics from the previous year. The good news, however, is that you can easily avoid a summer slide by enrolling your child in a summer course.

eTutorWorld’s Biology summer course has been designed by experienced educators who understand the impact of learning loss on a child’s academic performance.

Biology Summer Course – The Enrichment Program

Our biology summer course is an 8-week course that has been divided into 20, one-hour sessions. During this time, our tutors will use the best technology and teaching methods to simplify topics and help students overcome the learning loss caused by the pandemic while making the most of the summer break.

At eTutorWorld, Biology tutors are experienced in handling students of different intellectual levels and abilities. They know how to break down concepts/lessons according to individual requirements and make learning fun for everyone.

The Biology Summer Program starts with a diagnostic test which is used to understand a student’s learning capabilities, strengths, and areas of improvement. According to the result of this test, tutors and counselors at eTutorWorld customize the lesson plan. We even customize the worksheets and activities for our students.

eTutorWorld’s Summer Courses are for students in grades 8-12 and are spread across 8 weeks. During this time, we teach with the help of real-life examples that help students assimilate and retain the concepts. The summer program ends with an assessment where we test the student’s progress and report the same to the parents. You can learn multiple subjects using a single subscription. We can help your child navigate and conquer biology with ease.

Media Engagement

At eTutorWorld, we use the best and most innovative tools to make impart lessons. We offer well-balanced sessions based on the common code pedagogy that is blended with media engagement, age-appropriate activities, and worksheets.

Diagnostic Assessment

We conduct a free diagnostic assessment before every course to understand the child’s learning abilities and requirements. The lesson plan and course timeline are changed according to the result of this test.

8 Weeks of Enrichment

Our summer courses are spread over 8 weeks. In this time, our tutors will teach crucial topics using interactive and engaging methods. The last week of the course is for reviews and assessments.

Online Biology Summer Course 2024 – Suggested Schedule

The below schedule for the Biology Summer Program is just a suggestion. It may be different for you, depending on your availability, ability, and progress.

Week 1 Diagnostic Assessment & Evaluation
The Cell
  • Cell basics
  • Structure and Functions of Cell structures
  • Cell division
  • Week 2 How Body works?
  • Bio molecules
  • Homeostasis
  • Organ systems
  • Week 3 Metabolic Processes
  • Photosynthesis
  • Respiration
  • Week 4 Population & environment
  • Changes in Ecosystem
  • Environmental Factors
  • Population, Communities & Ecosyste
  • Week 5 Evolution
  • Evolution Basics/Terms
  • Theory of Evolution
  • Biodiversity
  • Week 6 Genetics
  • Reproduction
  • Genetics & Inherited Traits
  • DNA & RNA
  • Week 7 Classification
  • Plants & Animal Classification
  • Binomial Nomenclature
  • Week 8
  • Review/Practice
  • Evaluation




    20 Tutoring Sessions Pack

    Full coverage of any selected subject

    Personalized live online tutoring

    4 months validity

    Purchase a learning pack now and schedule at your convenience. Package validity from the date of first session.




    10 Tutoring Sessions Pack

    Topics of your choice in a subject

    Personalized live online tutoring

    3 months validity

    Purchase a learning pack now and schedule at your convenience. Package validity from the date of first session.




    300+ questions

    12 months validity

    Biology Summer Course 2024 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. When should I register my child for the Biology Summer Course with eTutorWorld?

    The best time to register for a summer course is near the end of the current school session or after the beginning of the summer break. eTutorWorld’s Summer Courses have a timeline of 8 weeks, therefore, you will have to register in time to finish the summer course before the schools recommence.

    2. How can eTutorWorld customize the Biology course for my child?

    At eTutorWorld, we follow the Learning by Design teaching methodology, where we encourage students to take control of their lesson plans. We customize all our courses, including the Biology summer course, according to the child’s learning requirement. The changes in the lesson plan are made after we conduct a diagnostic assessment to understand the current skills and abilities of the student.

    3. What topics does this course cover? Will it build on the previous levels?

    This course covers several crucial topics of Biology for grades 8-12. The topics include The Cell, How Body Works, Metabolic Process, Population and Environment, Evolution, Genetics, and Classification. All the topics will build on the previous so that the children can have a quick revision of the lessons from the last year and can make a connection with topics as the tutor moves ahead.

    4. What tools and methods will the tutors use to teach? How will the tutor simplify the complicated topics?

    At eTutorWorld, we use all the latest tools to make online learning fun and effective. Furthermore, we follow the Learning by Design teaching method and let the students dictate the lesson plan. Our tutors are trained to use all the tools and applications so that they can offer an immersive online experience while simplifying topics for better understanding.

    5. Does the course have a flexible timeline?

    Yes, the course has a flexible timeline. Although we have created an estimated timeline and schedule, we change it every time we see a learning requirement. These changes are made after the diagnostic assessment. We also invite parents to help us create a new timeline and lesson plan according to the learning requirement of the student.