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SSAT Middle Level: Sample Questions

Let’s get familiar with some questions that may feature on the MIDDLE LEVEL SSAT TEST. Here we have taken up a concept and a provided a brief explanation thereafter. All these and many other concepts required to master the tests are covered while you are tutored with an SSAT expert in our tutoring sessions.

 Q1. Length and width of a rectangle measure 11 and 12 inches respectively. What is the perimeter of the triangle?

This question covers the concept of finding Perimeter of a polygon (A rectangle in the given question)
If we understand what the perimeter is and how to find the perimeter of any shape, then we can apply the same for the given rectangle

Perimeter can be defined as the sum total of the lengths of the sides of a polygon. In simple terms if we simply add up the lengths of the side of a polygon, the total will give us the perimeter.

Consider the given question. Here the polygon is a rectangle. Length is given as 11 inches while width is 12 inches.

As defined Perimeter is the sum total of all sides, so here Perimeter (P) can be calculated by adding all the sides

P = 11 in + 11in + 12in +12 in = 46 inches.

Let’s understand another concept

Let’s look at Middle Level Verbal Question

Q2. Find the slope of the line passing through the points (4, 9) and (8, 13)

This question will help us in finding slope of line when set of two points are given


Slope (m) is defined as: Rise/ Run.

When two points are given , for instance we have to find slope between point A and point B & co-ordinates of point A is given as ( x₁, y₁) while co-ordinates of B are given as ( x₂, y₂)

Slope (m) = (y₂- y₁)/ (x₂-x₁)

Using this formula in the given question we can find the slope easily by simply plugging the values

x₁ = 4 , y₁ = 9 ; x₂ = 8 , y₂ = 13

m = (13 -9)/ (8 -4)

= 4 /2 
= 2 

Hence Slope of the line passing through given points is 2.

Q3. You are to select that one word whose meaning is closest to the question word



We have to find the word that matches with given word Teach. In order to find the closest match we should know the meaning of the given word

Teach means to give someone knowledge about something.


Let’s look at the meaning of the given words and see which one matches with the word Teach.

A. Learn: To acquire knowledge. This basically means to gain knowledge but not to give knowledge. So this is INCORRECT

B. Appeal: means to make a request, which certainly doesn’t matches with Teach , so this is INCORRECT

C. Uphold: means to maintain or keep a principle. This word also is not synonymous to Teach

D. Endure: means to suffer something unpleasant. This is also incorrect.

E. Educate: Means to provide information on a particular subject or to impart knowledge about something. This word matches closest to the given word Teach. Hence is the CORRECT answer.

So the SSAT Verbal section isn’t just checking for vocabulary but also for correct usage of words. It’s important to not just memorize but understand word meanings.

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