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10th Grade Physics Tutoring

Online Physics Tutors for 10th Graders (+Worksheets)

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Certified Online Physics Tutors for 10th Graders

Why Physics Online Tutoring at eTutorWorld?

Do your camera and spectacles have the same kind of lens? Do your car and your bathroom have the same kind of mirror? Electromagnetism, or the Doppler Effect – the online High School Physics Help transforms these topics into simpler bytes for better understanding and longer retention.

Access our highly qualified and experienced online Physics tutors whenever you need them.

Our online tutors – who have a Master’s in Education – will shed light on these relationships between object, image, lens/ mirror through high-quality virtual sessions with superior audio and video streaming.

Grade 10 Physics

Newton’s Laws are applied to explain transitional equilibrium this year. You learned about gravity some years ago, and now you learn why balance has to be matched with gravity with appropriate positions and movements – and that’s what will make sure you don’t fall while playing football.

Eureka! Be enlightened with our online eTutorWorld sessions, as you learn about fluids, density, buoyancy, and understand the hydraulic systems and demonstrate real-life examples involving atmospheric pressure. Our 10th-grade practice worksheets ensure that you get immersed in these topics.

Atomic Physics

  • Atomic Structure
  • Isotopes and Isobars
  • The Energy States and Ionization

Nuclear Physics

  • Radioactivity
  • Nuclear Reactions – Nuclear fission and fusion
  • Applications of Nuclear Energy

Circular Motion & Rotational Mechanics

  • Uniform and Non- Uniform Circular Motion
  • Variables in Circular Motion

Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation

  • Introduction to Gravity
  • Newton’s Law of Gravitation
  • Gravity and Orbits
  • Gravitational vs. Electrostatic forces

Energy Transfer & Flow

  • Principle of Conservation of Energy
  • Concept of System, Equilibrium, and Energy Flow
  • Energy Transformation – Hydroelectric Dam
  • The energy in Everyday Life


  • Heat and Temperature
  • Laws of Thermodynamics
  • Principle of Heat Engines
  • Spontaneous and Non-Spontaneous Processes


  • Reflection of light
  • Spherical Mirrors and Image Formation
  • Refraction of Light
  • Spherical Lenses and Image Formation
  • Dispersion of Light
  • The Human Eye


  • Electromagnetic Wave Theory
  • The Wave Equation
  • Interference of Waves
  • Diffraction of Waves

Solar Energy & Its Uses

  • The Sun and its Energy
  • Photovoltaic Cells
  • Solar Power

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Why Choose eTutorWorld for Online Physics Tutoring

Personalized Approach

Our tutors create customized lesson plans based on diagnostic tests to cater to the specific learning needs of every kid. We understand that every child has different strengths, and our tutors create a plan that is suited just right for your child.

Customized Lesson Plans

Before the tutoring sessions begin, we conduct Diagnostic Tests to assess students’ skills and abilities. Our tutors use this test to gauge the learning needs of every student to identify areas that need to be focused in their customized learning plans.

Regular Assessments

Regular assessments are crucial in gauging a students’ progress with the lesson plan. After all the lessons and courses, a review of the improvement is done and is also shared with the parents.

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Curated Worksheets

Access curated practice tests & worksheets. Practice material cements the understanding of the topics and concepts learned during the tutoring sessions. These curated Worksheets are designed by expert tutors to help students revise the concepts clearly.

24×7 Support

Get 24X7 support through our number +1 269 763 4602. A support team is always ready to help you with any technical or other issues. Any query or questions can be resolved quickly from the comfort of your home.

Online Physics Tutors  – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is online 10th grade physics tutoring important?

Online 10th grade physics tutoring is important because it helps students build a strong foundation in physics concepts, develop problem-solving skills, and excel in their academic performance. It provides personalized instruction, targeted practice, and valuable guidance to enhance understanding and mastery of physics topics.

2. What topics are covered in eTutorWorld's online 10th grade physics tutoring?

eTutorWorld’s online 10th grade physics tutoring covers a wide range of topics, including mechanics, electricity, magnetism, optics, thermodynamics, and more. Our experienced tutors provide comprehensive lessons and practice materials to ensure students have a solid understanding of these fundamental concepts.

3. Are eTutorWorld's tutors qualified to provide 10th grade physics tutoring?

Yes, eTutorWorld’s tutors are highly qualified and experienced in providing 10th grade physics tutoring. They possess in-depth knowledge of the subject, curriculum requirements, and effective teaching strategies. Our tutors are skilled at explaining complex concepts in a simplified manner and helping students apply their knowledge to solve physics problems.

4. How does online 10th grade physics tutoring with eTutorWorld work?

eTutorWorld’s online 10th grade physics tutoring offers personalized one-on-one sessions with experienced tutors. Students can schedule sessions at their convenience and receive instruction, guidance, and feedback through our interactive online platform. Tutors adapt their teaching approach to the student’s learning style, ensuring effective and engaging learning experiences.

5. What study materials and resources are provided in eTutorWorld's 10th grade physics tutoring program?

eTutorWorld’s 10th grade physics tutoring program provides a variety of study materials and resources, including comprehensive lesson plans, practice problems, interactive simulations, and additional reference materials. These resources are designed to reinforce understanding, enhance problem-solving skills, and prepare students for exams and assessments.


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