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Multiply Numbers Ending in Zeroes

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Learn  to multiply numbers  from Certified Online Pre-Algebra Tutor

Terms which describe the numbers in a multiplication problem.
Factors or Multipliers are the numbers that are being multiplied together.
Product is the result of multiplying the multiplicand by the multiplier.

Rule for multiplying numbers ending in zeroes:

First multiply the numbers without considering the zeroes, then count the number of zeroes in both the numbers and place these zeroes to the right place of the result.

Let’s understand with an example

Last year, 40 people each paid $800 for an insurance package. How much did the people pay in total?

There were 40 people, each of whom paid $800. Multiply 40 by $800.

First, multiply 4 and $8.
4 × $8 = $32

Now count the zeroes in both numbers.
40 × $800 = ?

There are 3 zeroes in all. Write 3 zeroes after 32.
40 × $800 = $32,000

The people spent $32,000 in all.

Check Point

  1. A picnic supply company puts 900 plastic cups in each shipment. How many plastic cups are needed for 90 shipments?
  2. Victor bought 12 jigsaw puzzles. Each puzzle had 600 pieces. How many puzzle pieces did Victor get in all?
  3. Nina picked 30 barrels of cherries. She put 300 cherries in each barrel. How many cherries did Nina pick in all?
  4. A soda factory makes 400 liters of ginger ale each day. How many liters of ginger ale will the factory make in 19 days?
  5. A game company ordered wooden pegs in 7 different colors. They ordered 14,000 of each color. How many pegs did the game company order in all?
Answer key
  1. 81,000 cups
  2. 7,200 pieces
  3. 9000 cherries
  4. 7,600 liters of ginger ale
  5. 98,000 pegs.

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