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Learn Complex  Numbers  from Certified  Online Algebra Tutor:

z = x + yi, where x is the real part and yi is the imaginary part.

x and y are real numbers and ‘i’ is the imaginary number and its value is √(-1)


Some examples of Complex Numbers:

• 7 + 4i
• 8 – 3i
• 1.1 + 3.2i
• 5
• -7i

Example1: 5 is a complex number as the imaginary part of this complex number is 0.

So the number is 5 + 0i.

Example2: -7i is also a complex number as in this the real part is zero.

Equal Complex Numbers

If there are two complex numbers:
x + yi and p + qi then these complex numbers are equal if and only if,
x= p and y= q.


Modulus of a Complex Number


Arithmetic operations with Complex Numbers

• Addition
• Subtraction
• Multiplication
• Division

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