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Reading Histograms

Grade 6 Math Worksheets

What is a Histogram?

A histogram is a graphical representation of data that is organized into intervals, or bins, along with the frequency or count of observations falling into each bin.

It provides a visual summary of the distribution of a dataset, showing the patterns and characteristics of the data.

Using a histogram worksheet provides practical experience in data analysis, visualization, and interpretation. It strengthens your data literacy skills and empowers you to make better-informed decisions based on the insights derived from histograms.

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Why do you use a Histogram?

A histogram is an illustrative way to represent particular data. It is shown in vertical bar formation for a particular input against the number of continuous data given, which is said to be the frequency in each category.

A histogram is a single block graph of rectangles where the area of each rectangle will be proportional to the frequency.


reading histograms

Solved Examples

Example 1

The points scored by John in his school test were marked in 10 for subjects Math, English, Science, and French as 5, 6, 8, and 7 respectively. Represent the above data in a histogram.


reading histograms

Example 2

The following histogram shows the number of singers who sang music albums in a year. Find the following:

  1. Highest number of songs sung in a year.
  2. The least number of songs sung.
  3. Number of songs 14 singers sang.
  4. How many singers sang 3-4 songs?
reading histograms

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In such a pictorial representation it is easy to identify and find out, calculate a specific detail instead of analyzing the whole data.


  1. Grey colored bar on the graph states that 6 is the highest number of songs sung.
  2. Purple colored bar denotes 1 is the least number of songs sung.
  3. 5-6 songs were sung by 14 singers.
  4. 11 singers sang 3-4 songs.

    Example 3

    Following is the histogram view of data showing the list of people who order home utilities online.

    Basic items sold online are furniture, kitchen appliances, mobile phones, and groceries.

    • Find the product that is sold largely.
    • How many people buy groceries online?
    reading histograms


    • The product which is sold largely is kitchen appliances.
    • Between 0-200 people buy groceries online.

    Practice Questions

    Question 1

    Use the histogram to identify how long a student spends time on gadgets on school off days.

    a. How many students spend only 5-10 hours?

    b. How long do 4 students spend on gadgets?

    c. Number of students spending the maximum number of hours.

    Question 2

    Sheila collected the details of no. of novels sold in a book fair and made a histogram of the data which showed the no. of books sold between 20-200 dollars.

    a. Draw a histogram if the following is the data collected.

    No. of books (novels)Amount (in Dollars)

    b. How many books were sold between $150 and $105?

    Answer key


    a. 3 students

    b. 10 – 15 hours

    c. 9 students

    2. The histogram made by Sheila will look like this:

      b. 20 books were sold between $105 and $150.

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