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Combining Like Terms

Grade 6 Math Worksheets

Terms that have the same variables raised to the same power are called “like terms”, where the numerical coefficients are different. Like terms are combined with each other to simplify the algebraic expressions.

Combining in algebra that involves simplifying expressions by combining terms with the same variables and exponents. The process involves adding or subtracting coefficients while keeping the variables and exponents unchanged. Get more free 6th Grade Math Worksheets here or Get 6th Grade Math Help from our tutors.

For example: 7x, 10x, and -2x are like terms.

3x2y, -5x2y and 13x2y are like terms.

Now we can combine like terms by adding or subtracting them.

For example: -15a + 7a + 6b – 3a + 8a – 20b

Combining like terms we get,

(-15 + 7 – 3 + 8)a + (6 – 20)b

8a – 14b

    Some facts about like terms:

    • 2 × a is the same as 2a and is easier to write it as “2a” when we simplify an expression.
    • 1 × b is the same as b.

    Check Point:

    Simplify the given expressions:

    1. 21 + 24r – 71 – 9r
    2. 13x + 5y – 8x – 12y + 20
    3. 5a – 15b + 20a + 18b + 3
    4. -2xy2 + 5xy + 7xy2 – 15xy + 20
    5. 20a2b + 30a – 7b – 10a2b – 12a – 3b
    Answer key
    1. 15r – 50
    2. 5x – 7y + 20
    3. 25a + 3b + 3
    4. 5xy2 – 10xy + 20
    5. 10a2b + 18a – 10b

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