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Solar Energy – Grade 7 Science Worksheet

Over time, it has been proved that students, who practice with worksheets all through the year, eventually do well in their end-of-year-exams. This is especially true for STEM subjects.

Study of science is important for  children to understand the world better, be it physical science, life science, environmental science or earth science. With science learning, children can comprehend whatever is happening around them, right from the formation of a rainbow to digestion of the food they eat.

This Grade 7 Worksheet aims at strengthening students’ concepts in Earth Science. The topic assessed is ‘Solar Energy’. This worksheet includes fill in the blanks, definitions and diagram based questions that make it fun and interesting.


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Sample Questions

Question: 1. Give two examples of each of the following sources of energy:

Renewable    –    __________________, ____________________

Non-renewable –   __________________, ____________________


Question: 2. State True or False –

  • Solar energy is one of the important non–Conventional sources of energy. _______
  • Solar energy does not cause pollution. _______
  • All energy flowing on  Earth doesn’t come from the Sun. _______
  • Once a solar panel is installed, solar energy can be produced at no extra cost._______
  • Conversion of solar energy to electric energy and thermal energy takes place mainly by solar thermal pathways and through photovoltaic cells.______

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