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Elements and Compounds – Grade 7 Science Worksheet

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This Worksheet is for Grade 7 students to help them review the topic ‘Elements and Compounds’. It will help them achieve more knowledge about the substances that play an important role in our lives. Such questions, as in this practice sheet, will not only help students assess themselves but will also help tutors to know the level of understanding in students. It consists of multiple choice questions, give-one-word-answer and match-the-following which makes it more interesting to solve. This worksheet, and many more have been created by expert grade 7 science tutors who understand the importance of practice and questioning in the education of STEM subjects.


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Sample Questions

Q1. One Word Answer:


  1.  It takes the shape of the container._____________
  2. It is made up of particles/atoms of only one kind._____________
  3. A Compound is same throughout in properties and composition. We call it _________________
  4. A Smallest unit of an element that has all the basic properties of the element._________________
  5. It is made up of two or more kinds of atoms or compounds mixed in any proportion.________________
  6. This molecule is made of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen._______________
  7. One example of an element. ________________
  8. The elements are placed in specific locations because of the way they look and act. _________________
  9. These substances will have a constant appearance, color and density throughout the sample. ________________
  10. Objects that take up space and have mass._________________

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