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There are various challenges that students face when they go for various Standardized Tests. Test scores of exams like SSAT and ISEE help students to enrol themselves in their dream school. Whereas, scores of Standardized Tests like the PSAT, SAT and ACT offers them an opportunity to get admission in the top notch colleges and universities. The SCAT allows students with an exceptional academic potential to enrol in gifted programs by CTY John Hopkins University.

Hence, it is essentially important that students embark effective strategies to improve their test scores so they can achieve academic success for a brighter future.

These are few tips that will help students to ace their upcoming exams and tests.

1.Build a Strong Vocabulary

Every Standardized Test examines a student’s level of vocabulary in both the reading and writing sections. Competent use of comprehended vocabulary to make the appropriate choice of words and phrases helps students to gain better score. Learn words in groups and not individually as they are easier to remember.  Read widely and deeply. Always keep a note of a strong working vocabulary that is meant essentially for college and school level students depending on the exam you are taking.

2.Be Creative and Confident

Develop your writing skills such that your articles and essays show the use of your knowledge, creativity and critical thinking skills. Keep practicing writing essays on different topics from different genres to sound more confident and mature in your writings. Voracious readers usually have a knack of writing better… so pick up a book, magazine or your Kindle to grasp those golden words of wisdom!

3.Solve by Writing Math Problems

Whenever you get stuck with any step while solving a math problem, make sure that you put that on paper and re-solve it. Often there are hidden patterns and concepts in diagrams and pictures that students often miss while solving them. Writing down the numbers helps students to get a clear picture of how they can map their steps to solve the question. Adapting a different strategy too often helps crack that nagging algebra or geometry problem, however which path to take while solving which question comes only by practice.

4.Practice Test Papers and Seek Help from Mentors

Take practice tests under the specific time given on the actual test to get a real feel of how you will manage the questions during the test. This helps students to know how to utilise time efficiently while solving questions and the approach they should adopt during the test. Like solving problems on a section first that you know best, builds confidence to tackle other questions too. By practicing with Full Length Test papers, you can also be aware of what techniques and strategies would best work for you.If there is some mistake that you are making frequently, ask for help from tutors at the earliest so as you don’t make those mistakes again on your actual test.

5.Write Notes

Develop the habit of penning down notes or essential key points that would help save students’ time while answering questions especially from the section of Reading Comprehension.  It saves time when you are already struggling to find out the purpose or main idea of the question. Read the questions before you go through the passage so that while you read, you will read with a purpose.

6.Guesstimate Sensibly:

On Multiple Choice Questions, if you do not have an obvious answer, eliminate the answer options that are definitely wrong. On the remaining answer options use your instinct to estimate the right option. Never spend too much time on a single question as this can affect the overall time management during the test. If there is are no marks taken away for wrong answers, select the most likely answer-option.

7.Review your work

Always double-check your work to ensure that you haven’t missed out on any question. One always gets a second chance to rectify silly mistakes while reviewing their work. Read your essay as another person would read, to make sure that you’ve written down your thoughts effectively and accurately. It is also necessary to understand that the test is not the end of this world so be relaxed and confident to get top scores.

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