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SSAT Test Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Know About the SSAT Test Details. Answers to Important SSAT Test Questions

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1. What is SSAT?

The SSAT is an admission test that can take your child on the path of independent school education. It is required for admission to about 900 private schools, located in US and Canada, a few of them  located around the world. Your child’s SSAT score makes up a part of an entire application.

Students in grade 3-11 can answer the SSAT. There are three SSAT levels –

  • Elementary Level – Separate tests for Grades 3 and 4
  • Middle Level – For students currently in grades 5 – 7
  • Upper Level – For students currently in grades 8 – 11

2. What is the testing time for SSAT?

The testing time for SSAT Elementary is 2 hours and 5 minutes while for SSAT Middle and Upper levels, the testing time is 3 hours. SSAT Middle and Upper levels include 16 or 17 unscored experimental questions. This writing section is not graded but a copy is provided to schools to which your child’s score report is sent.

SectionNumber of questionsTime Alloted
Writing Sample125 minutes
BREAK5 minutes
Section 1 (Quantitative)2530 minutes
Section 2 (Reading)4040 minutes
BREAK10 minutes
Section 3 (Verbal)6030 minutes
Section 4 (Quantitative)2530 minutes
Section 5 (experimental)1615 minutes
Total (experimental)1673 hrs, 5 minutes

3. How will my child benefit from the SSAT?

Having a good SSAT score will increase your child’s chances of getting admission to one of the best independent schools.

4. How does SSAT tutoring work?

To start with, our expert SSAT  tutors will diagnose your child’s test-taking skills by asking questions from the different SSATsections – VerbalQuantitativeReading Comprehension and Writing Sections. With this assessment, the tutors design future lesson plans for your child to improve her SSAT scores. After every SSAT tutoring session, your child will receive a practice worksheet to assimilate concepts learned. As your child’s SSAT date approaches, we will have her answer a series of SSAT full length practice tests so she is familiar with the format and time management during the actual test.

5. Who tutors my child at eTutorWorld?

Expert and experienced SSAT English tutors mentor your child through the SSAT Verbal, Reading Comprehension and Writing sections. And talented SSAT Math tutors prep your child for the SSAT Quantitative Section. All tutors in eTutorWorld are qualified, experienced and experts in their subjects. They are responsible for your child’s academic progress.

6. For how long will eTutorWorld tutor my child?

SSAT tutoring at eTutorWorld usually depends on the time available until the SSAT date and your child’s SSAT test taking skills. Our tutors design an individualised SSAT prep program for your child with the goal of improving her SSAT scores. To know more about our services, you can register your child for a FREE online trial tutoring session and access FREE SSAT worksheets too. Once you’ve purchased an SSAT online tutoring packyou can schedule tutoring sessions at your convenient dates and timings with your preferred tutor.

7. What strategy does eTutorWorld adopt to lead my child to success?

The two most important things that our tutors consider in prepping your child for the SSAT are

  • Mastering concepts required to answer the SSAT math section.
  • Improve SSAT vocabulary to get comfortable with SSAT analogies and synonyms.
  • Upgrade reading and writing skills for the SSAT comprehension and writing sections.
  • Instilling the art of time management in answering SSAT questions. Each section is given a specific time limit and it is imperative that your child finishes in the time given.

Reviewing the answer sheet is essential to correct slips and typos to raise SSAT scores.

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