Sanskrit Language Courses

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Here’s what you’ll learn in eTutorWorld’s Sanskrit Language course (Level 1):

  1. Translation from English to Sanskrit
  2. Translation from Sanskrit to English
  3. Perfect pronunciation of Sanskrit words
  4. Meanings of basic Sanskrit words
  5. Speak simple Sanskrit sentences fluently

Advantages of eTutorWorld’s Free demo sessions for Sanskrit Language course (Level 1):

  • The convenience of learning to speak Sanskrit from anywhere…especially the comfort of your home.
  • The thrill of using Advanced Proven Technology that is easy to use, safe & secure.
  • The exclusivity of eTutorWorld’s Learning by Design™ teaching methodology – an effective and fun way to learn Sanskrit
  • The opportunity to meet Sanskrit tutors that are qualified, knowledgeable and patient.
  • The relief of finding the right course to achieve your goal of Sanskrit speaking.


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