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NWEA MAP Test Practice: Online MAP Test Prep at eTutorWorld

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Also, find the MAP Test Sample Questions PDF for Grades 2-6 for better practice.

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Is your child really grasping the lessons? Not sure? Grades are not a good indicator of intelligence.

Get an insight into your child’s actual academic progress, year after year, with the help of MAP testing.

MAP Testing – Measuring Individual Growth and Performance

MAP stands for Measure of Academic Progress and is an adaptive test published by NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association). This cross-grade test has a multi-choice format and is used as a tool to evaluate students’ performance at grade level.

MAP scores are known as RIT (Rasch UnIT). It is a vertically aligned, equal-interval scale that is highly accurate. This is why MAP scores are considered precise indicators of grade-level progress.

MAP Growth Assessment

MAP Growth Assessment is a type of MAP that is administered to students to measure their growth throughout an academic year. There are 3 assessments every year namely Fall Assessment, Winter Assessment, and Spring Assessment.

MAP Growth Assessment for grades 2-12 covers:

Language Usage






MAP Test Practice

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A struggling student requires extra help through enrichment programs and a brilliant student deserves to be in a gifted program. MAP testing enables teachers and parents to identify capabilities and paves the way for a fair chance in terms of academic guidance. It can take care of both a struggling and a gifted student.

eTutorWorld offers expert MAP prep help through its team of experienced tutors. We stick to the motto of MAP testing by focusing on individual learning requirements. eTutorWorld team detects strengths and weaknesses with the help of a diagnostic test. From there, it’s all about creating meticulous, customized lesson plans and staunch, one-on-one learning sessions.

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NWEA MAP Test Prep – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can a child take the MAP test?

Most schools administer MAP Growth Tests, 3 times in an academic year. There is also an option of extra summer testing.

2. How much time does the MAP test take?

MAP is not a timed test. Most students finish the test in less than one hour.

3. Is MAP a standardized test?

MAP is an individualized test. Unlike standardized tests, that have the same questions for all students, the MAP test has different questions adjusted to individual performance.

4. What is the score range of the MAP test?

The MAP test score of the RIT score range is from 140-300.

5. Does MAP testing affect a student’s grades?

No, MAP tests are individualized tests that are meant to assess a child’s academic growth. It has a completely different purpose altogether than the academic grades.

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