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SSAT Elementary Level Grade 4 Test Prep & Practice Tests

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The SSAT Elementary Grade 4 is an admission test for students seeking admission to grade 5 in any of the 900 private and independent schools in the United States, Canada, and worldwide. It is not an achievement test.

SSAT scores are one of the parameters considered by these private schools. SSAT Elementary offers your 4th grader an excellent chance to learn at one of the country’s best schools that are committed to students’ over all development. And when it comes to your child, you sure would be looking for the best tutoring for SSAT Elementary grade 4 so your child can score high and be welcomed to the most outstanding institutions?

The SSAT Elementary Grade 4 assesses students’ math, verbal, Reading and writing skills. While the math, verbal, reading sections are scored; the writing sample is not graded, but a copy is provided to schools along with the student’s score report. 3rd graders need to answer the SSAT Elementary Grade 3 to seek admission to Grade 4 in one of the private institutions.

SSAT Elementary Grade 4 Sample Questions

Here are some concepts that may feature on the ELEMENTARY LEVEL SSAT (Grade 4). We have taken up a few concepts and provided a brief explanation thereafter. During our online sessions, all these and many other concepts required to master the SSAT Elementary Grade 4 are covered with an Expert Tutor.

While the SSAT Elementary Grade 4 Section is about knowing math concepts well and solving problems based on them; its Verbal section about knowing your vocabulary and the correct usage of words. It’s important to not just memorize but also understand word meanings. The SSAT Elementary Grade 4 Section is about comprehending the given passage and answering questions based on it.

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Here’s the Format of SSAT Elementary (Grades 4)

Section Number of questions Duration What does it Measure?
Section 1: Quantitative/math 30 30 minutes Student's mathematical reasoning ability that may or may not require computation.
Section 2: Verbal 30 20 minutes Student's understanding of the meaning of words and verbal reasoning ability.
Break 15 minutes
Section 3: Reading 28 30 minutes Student's understanding of key ideas and details to determine the main idea of the given text.
Writing Sample 1 Prompt 15 minutes Student's ability to express him/herself through a written response to a picture prompt.
Totals 89 110 minutes
  • For SSAT Elementary Level Grade 4, the range of values for each section’s scaled score is 300 to 600.
  • The scaled score percentile rank has values from 1 to 99. It compares performance to other students taking the same examination.
  • The total scaled score is the sum of the scaled scores for all the sections. Its range of values is 900 to 1800

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