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Online Pre-Algebra Tutoring: Scale Drawings

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    Learn about  Scale Drawing from Certified Online Pre-Algebra Tutor

    A scale is a ratio that compares the measurement used in the drawings to the actual measurements. Scale drawings are similar to the actual drawing or figure and therefore the sizes are proportional

    The ratio used while working with scale drawings is

    Scale measurement / Actual measurement

    Let’s understand with an example:

    Kate measured a house and its lot and made a scale drawing. In real life, the back patio is 24 meters wide. It is 3 millimeters wide in the drawing. What scale did Kate use?

    Write the ratio of the width of the patio in the drawing to the width of the actual patio. Write the ratio in fraction form.


    Simplify the fraction.


    The scale of the drawing is 1 millimetre = 8 meters.

    Check Point

    1.  Robert measured the elementary school and made a scale drawing. The scale he used was 1 millimeter = 16 meters. In the drawing, the school yard is 8 millimeters long. What is the length of the actual school yard?
    2. Benny made a scale drawing of a community college. In real life, a building at the college is 55 meters wide. It is 5 centimeters wide in the drawing. What is the scale of the drawing?
    3. Betty drew a scale drawing of a house and its lot. She used the scale 1 inch = 21feet. The backyard is 9 inches in the drawing. How wide is the actual yard?
    4. Chris is making a scale drawing of a nearby zoo with a scale of 1 cm: 500 m. If the lions’ cage and the snake-park are 8 cm apart in the scale drawing, what is the actual distance the two places?
    5. The scale drawing of the tree is 1:40.If the height of the tree on paper is 20 inches, what is the height of the tree in real life?
    Answer key
    1. 128 metres
    2. 1 centimeter = 11 meters
    3. 189 feet
    4. 4000 m
    5. 800 inches

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