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Online Pre-Algebra Tutoring: Convert Decimals between Standard And Decimal Form

Math is an integral part of life. We come across numbers in our daily life even if it’s in a trivial form like counting the number of trees by the roadside. With eTutorWorld’s specialized Pre-Algebra tutors, students can learn math topics such as Equivalent decimalsexponential expression and Decimal numbers effortlessly.  With eTutorWorld’s personalized one-on-one pre-algebra sessions, students can get a better understanding of the new terminologies and concepts. With just one free pre-algebra tutoring lesson at eTutorWorld, you will be able to tell the difference our servicesare  making to your child’s math skills.

Expanded form is a way to write numbers by showing the value of each digit. We can write the decimals in expanded form in the same way as whole numbers. First, we put the decimal into a place value chart to keep track of the value of each digit.

Learn  Decimal Numbers  from Certified Online Pre-Algebra Tutor

Find the standard decimal form of:
4 × 1+ 9 ×  0.1

Each term is the product of two numbers.The first number is the digit.The second number is the place value.In this expression, the largest place value is 1 and the smallest is 0.1.Use a place value chart with a column for each place value between the largest and the smallest: Ones and Tenths.




Write 4 x 1 in the first row of the Ones column.





The ones digit is 4. Write this digit in the second row.






Complete the rest of the chart in the same way.





To write the expression as a decimal number, read the bottom row from left to right.

4 x 1 +1x 0.9 = 4.9

Check Point

a) Find the standard decimal form of: 2 x 0.1 + 8 x 0.01
b) Find the standard decimal form of: 5x 10 + 2 x 1 +2 x 0.1 + 6 x 0.01 + 1 x 0.001
c) Find the standard decimal form of : 60 + 4 + 2/10 + 1/100
d) Find the standard decimal form of : 100 + 40 + 3 + 0/10 + 1/100 + 1/1000
e) Find the standard decimal form of:3000 + 900 + 70 + 9 + 1/10 + 0/100 + 5/1000

Answer Key

a) 0.28
b) 52.261
c) 64.21
d) 143.011
e) 3979.105

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