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eTutorWorld’s Corporate Partnership Program

eTutorWorld has been offering expert online tutoring services to K-12 students since 2008. We understand the importance of providing children with the knowledge and guidance they need to excel at school level and beyond, especially during times like these.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made life difficult, even more so for working parents with K-12 school kids. As a result, an increasing number of employers are seeking new ways to support their employees to ensure that their kids’ learning continues seamlessly even during these unprecedented times.

And we’re here to help!

eTutorWorld has put together a corporate partnership program to offer respite to both parents and students.

There are two options to choose from:

Personal Online Tutoring

Research shows that children who learn through one-to-one tutoring are quicker to grasp concepts and understand subjects than others. Our Personal Tutoring Program ensures that children study at their own pace and benefit from an individualized learning experience.

Virtual Learning Pods (VLPs)

School closures across the country have facilitated a tremendous need for alternative schooling solutions, and learning pods are gathering momentum by the hour! Our VLP program allows 3-4 children from the same grade and school district to experience online group sessions and learn together.

Virtual Learning Pods – The Way Forward?

VLPs are not only more affordable than one-to-one tutoring, but they also promote peer learning and provide opportunities for social interactions (like play dates!). Since the group sizes are limited to 3-4 children, each student will receive the attention and academic support they need to succeed at their studies. VLPs can also be formed by employees who have kids in the same grade!

Personalized Online Tutoring

  • $25 per hourly session
  • $500 per month (20 sessions)

Virtual Study Pods

  • $12.50 per hourly session, per child

  • $250 per month, per child (20 sessions)

*5 hourly sessions per week (Once a day from Monday to Friday)
*20 sessions per month is an indicative model based on our experience. Tutoring sessions can be adapted as per your requirements.

What’s More?

To promote equality in education, we’re providing a promotional offer where you can choose between a 10% discount or a contribution to deliver similar tutoring services to children from underprivileged families, provided your company signs up with a minimum of 100 children.

Employers can avail our tutoring services and offer them as fully paid benefits to their employees, or work out a co-pay model based on their requirements and budgets – the choice is yours!

Reach out to us at contact@etutorworld.com to find a plan that best suits your employees’ needs!