What is AP Late Testing & How to Apply for It ?

 What is AP Late Testing?


It's a chance provided by the College Board for students who miss their AP exams due to unforeseen circumstances, offering a second opportunity to take the exam.

 Valid Reasons for Late Testing


Acceptable reasons include conflicts with other exams, religious holidays, academic events, national holidays, and issues with disability accommodations, among others.

Unexpected Reasons for Late Testing


Sudden emergencies like family tragedies, natural disasters, serious illnesses, or school-related incidents such as bomb scares qualify for late testing. Coordination with your AP coordinator is crucial in these situations.

Avoidable Conflicts Not Considered


The College Board does not entertain reasons like class exams on AP exam days, preplanned school holidays, or non-emergency family commitments.

 Consulting Your AP Coordinator


To determine eligibility for late testing, students should communicate with their AP coordinators, who play a vital role in recommending candidates for make-up exams.

How to Apply for AP Late Testing


 Seek assistance from your AP coordinator to apply for late testing. Visit etutorworld.com for expert guidance & support in navigating the process.

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