Weather and Climate Grade 7 Science Worksheets

Understand the fundamental difference between weather, the short-term state of the atmosphere, and climate, the long-term average of weather patterns.

Delve into the daily fluctuations of weather, including temperature, precipitation, wind, and atmospheric conditions, which can change rapidly and affect your day-to-day activities.

Explore climate, which reflects the long-term patterns of temperature, precipitation, and weather conditions that shape specific regions over extended periods, influencing ecosystems and human life.

Peek behind the scenes to learn about the tools and instruments used to measure and record various weather parameters. Some of these tools can be replicated at home, making it a fun learning experience.

Gain insight into the pressing issue of climate change and its global implications. Understand how human activities are altering our climate, leading to adverse consequences like rising temperatures and extreme weather events.

 hands-on approach allows you to observe trends, patterns, and anomalies, helping you discuss climate change and its impacts with your child, fostering a deeper understanding of these critical topics.

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