Water Cycle 

Let's Explore the Water Cycle! 💧 Ever wondered how water moves around the Earth? Let's unravel the secrets of the water cycle together!💧

Nature's Recycling 🔄 Nature's like a master recycler, constantly reusing stuff. Let's peek into how carbon, photosynthesis, nitrogen, and water cycles keep things ticking!

Carbon cycle


Nitrogen cycle

Water cycle

Carbon's Journey 🌱 From plant breaths to fossil fuel fires, it weaves through ecosystems, sustaining life. A journey of transformation and renewal,  shaping our world with each  step.

Nitrogen's Vital Role.🌿 Nitrogen may not grab the spotlight, but it's the backbone of ecosystems. Let's unravel its journey from air to soil to plants, fueling life's engine!

Water's thrilling journey—evaporating into the sky,  transforming into clouds, then falling as rain. It's nature's endless cycle of renewal! Let's dive into its mesmerizing journey!💦

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