The Scientific Method : 7 Steps

🌟 Welcome to the World of Discovery! From curious observations to groundbreaking conclusions, let's explore the Scientific Method together.

👀Observation ignites inquiry. Example: A wilting plant. ❓Question: Why wilt despite watering? Curiosity fuels investigation. Let's delve deeper!

Research existing knowledge in books, articles, and expert insights. 📚 Knowledge empowers! Formulate a hypothesis. Could overwatering cause the plant's demise? 💡 Let's predict!

Perform an experiment. Water two plants differently to test the hypothesis.  Analyze data. Assess observations. Does it back or oppose the hypothesis?🔬📈

Report findings. Did the experiment confirm our hypothesis?  Celebrate Discoveries! The Scientific Method empowers problem-solving and innovation. Keep exploring!🌟🚀

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