Scientific Notation Worksheets

Say hi to Sally! She deals with really big and small numbers. Let's learn how to make them easier with scientific notation.

Numbers like 6,000,000,000 become 6 x 10^9 in scientific notation. Sally loves making these numbers friendlier. Let's join her!

Watch Sally add 3 x 10^5 and 4 x 10^5. It's easy! Just add the coefficients and keep the powers of 10 the same.

Now Sally is subtracting. It's similar! Subtract the coefficients and keep the powers of 10 constant. Easy peasy!

Sally multiplies 2 x 10^4 and 5 x 10^3. Just multiply the coefficients and add the powers of 10. Let's ace multiplication!

Sally divides 8 x 10^6 by 2 x 10^2. Divide the coefficients and subtract the powers of 10. Sally makes division a breeze!

Learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division effortlessly with eTutorWorld's expert guidance.

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