Scientific Method Grade 7 Worksheet

Welcome, curious minds! The Scientific Method is like a roadmap for discovery. It helps us find answers to questions by following logical steps.

Step 1 is asking a question. What do you want to know? It's like asking, "Why does something happen?" This starts our scientific journey!

Step 2 is making a guess or hypothesis. Take a thoughtful guess about the answer to your question. What do you think will happen?

Now, in Step 3, we test our idea. Conduct an experiment to see if your guess was right. It's like being a little scientist!

In Step 4, record what happens during your experiment. Collect data by writing down your observations. Then, analyze to see what it tells you!

In Step 5, draw a conclusion. What did you learn? And hey, if you want more exciting lessons, visit Learn and explore with us!

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