Renewable & Non-renewable Energy Resources

Step into the world of energy! These Grade 7 Science worksheets are your child's guide to understanding how we power our world. Get ready to explore the difference between two main types of energy resources.

Meet the superheroes of energy—renewables! From the sun's rays to the wind's embrace, your 7th grader will learn about clean, sustainable sources that keep our planet happy and healthy.

Now, journey into the world of nonrenewables. Discover fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas, understanding their role and the importance of using them wisely due to their limited supply.

See the ripple effect. These worksheets illustrate how our energy choices affect the environment. Dive into the consequences, both good and bad, of using different energy resources.

Imagine a world where our energy comes from sources that never run out! Your child will explore the exciting possibilities of a future dominated by clean, renewable energy.

Time for a quiz! Your 7th grader can put their newfound knowledge to the test. Celebrate their understanding of how we can make energy choices that benefit both us and the planet.

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