Relationship between Science, Technology, and Society

🔬💡Science explores the 'why' behind phenomena, probing the depths of existence. Discover  how science unlocks mysteries, igniting curiosity and understanding.

From idea to reality, technology bridges gaps, embrace the art of creation. Observe how technology applies scientific knowledge to harness the  power of innovation.🚀🛠️

Connecting Worlds. Dive into  the digital age where the internet bridges continents. Explore its impact on communication, commerce, and culture. Navigate the benefits and challenges.🌐📱

🤝 Social Networking: Bridges or barriers? Delve into the impact of virtual connections. Celebrate its benefits, understand the risks. Connect wisely!

Embark on a journey into genetic manipulation. Discover its potential to revolutionize agriculture, medicine, and beyond. Grapple  with ethical dilemmas in the  pursuit of innovation. 🌱🧬

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