Properties of Matter Worksheets

Grade 7 Science Worksheets

Matter is all around us! Explore its characteristics and behaviors in this captivating journey through the properties of matter.

Matter is everything that takes up space. It's what we see, touch, and interact with daily. Let's dive into the essence of matter.

What is Matter?

Discover the trio: solid, liquid, gas. Learn how matter transforms, like ice melting into water or water evaporating into vapor.

States of Matter

Solids have a fixed shape and volume. Uncover why some objects are hard, like rocks, while others are soft, like a pillow.

Properties of Solids

Liquids take the shape of their container. Explore the flow of liquids and their unique properties, like surface tension.

Properties of Liquids

Gases are free-flowing and fill any space. Delve into the fascinating world of gases and their ability to expand.

Properties of Gases

Witness matter transform without altering its composition. From ice melting to paper tearing, explore physical changes.

Physical Changes

Uncover the mysteries of chemical changes as substances undergo transformations at the molecular level.

Chemical Changes

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