Photosynthesis Grade 7 Science Worksheets

Discover the magic of photosynthesis! It's the process where plants use sunlight to make food. Join us on a journey into the green world of energy creation.

Leaves are like solar panels for plants. They capture sunlight and turn it into food through a process called photosynthesis. Witness the power of nature's own energy factory!

Water plays a crucial part in photosynthesis. Explore how plants absorb water through their roots, combining it with sunlight and carbon dioxide to produce the energy they need.

Discover how photosynthesis connects us all. Plants create food, herbivores eat plants, and carnivores eat herbivores. It's a chain of life powered by the sun!

See photosynthesis in action! Through simple experiments, understand how sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide work together to create the energy that sustains our planet.

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