Online Physics Summer Course 2024 for High School Students

Let's Fly High with Physics!


 Ever wonder how planes defy gravity? Join our Online Physics Summer Course 2024 to unravel the mystery!

Meet Professor Avi


Hey there! I'm Professor Avi, and I'm here to show you how planes take flight using the magic of physics.

The Marvel of Aeroplanes


Picture this: a massive metal bird soaring through the clouds. Sounds cool, right? Let's dive into how it happens!

Lift Off with Lift and Drag


Okay, imagine a giant fan blowing air underneath a plane's wings. That's the gist of lift! And drag? Well, it's like air resistance, but I'll explain more later!

Let's Fly Together!


Hop into our virtual cockpit for some flight simulations! We'll explore the forces that keep planes in the air and maybe even do a barrel roll (virtually, of course)!

Ready to Take Off?


 Join us for a physics adventure like no other in our Online Physics Summer Course 2024! Let's learn, soar, and have some fun along the way!

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