Online Geometry Summer Course 2024

Introducing Grace, the Geometer!


Meet Grace, a curious explorer fascinated by shapes and mysteries. Today, she invites you on an exciting journey into the world of geometry, where we'll uncover the secrets of angles, lines, and space together!

Grace's Puzzle Solution


Picture this: a garden needing a fence. Grace springs into action, measuring the perimeter with precision. By calculating carefully, she ensures the fence fits snugly, keeping the garden safe and secure.

Constructing the Treehouse


Now, imagine Grace building a treehouse. She's not just hammering nails; she's calculating angles to perfection. With each measurement, she ensures the structure stands tall and sturdy, ready for adventure!

Park Design by Grace


Grace's creativity knows no bounds! When tasked with designing a park, she's not just drawing lines; she's crafting pathways that weave seamlessly through the landscape. With her keen eye for space and design, she ensures everyone can enjoy the park's beauty.

Unveiling Symmetry


Nature holds fascinating secrets, and Grace is determined to uncover them. From the delicate symmetry of butterfly wings to the intricate patterns of snowflakes, she marvels at the beauty of symmetry all around us.

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Ready to embark on your own geometric adventure? Join Grace and discover the magic of geometry with eTutorWorld's expert tutors! Let's unlock the mysteries together and make learning an exciting journey!

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