Newton’s Laws of Motion   

Parents, get ready for a physics journey! Newton's Laws of Motion explain how things move. Let's break down these laws into simple, fun concepts for your 7th grader.

Newton's First Law says objects stay still or keep moving unless a force acts. It's like a skateboard coasting until someone gives it a push. Inertia at play!

Time for action! Newton's Second Law links force and acceleration. Push harder, go faster. It's the secret behind sports, car engines, and rocket launches.

Newton's Third Law is teamwork in motion. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Jump off a diving board, and the board pushes back—pure physics!

See Newton's laws in action! From cars on the road to astronauts in space, these laws govern motion everywhere. Explore how physics shapes our daily experiences.

Now you're physics wizards! Embrace Newton's Laws, inspiring your 7th grader to explore the world through a scientific lens. Watch curiosity and knowledge take flight!

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