Net of a Sphere Grade 6 Math Worksheets

We're diving into the world of spheres. They're like perfectly round balls. Imagine a basketball. Now, let's see how we can calculate their surface area

Spheres are special because they're symmetrical from every angle. If you cut them in any direction, you get a perfect circle. It's like magic

To understand spheres better, let's turn one into a net. Imagine taking a basketball and turning it into a flat pattern. This will help us.

We use a formula: A = 4πr^2, where A is the surface area and r is the radius of the sphere. It helps us find the sphere's net.

The net is like a puzzle made of triangles. Each side is 2r (the diameter), and the height of each triangle is just r. They all fit together.

Now it's your turn. Get some paper, calculate the surface area with nets, and you'll see spheres in a whole new way. Geometry can be fun!

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