Heat Technology Grade 7 Science Worksheets

🌟Imagine tiny particles dancing to a silent tune. Heat energy, the silent conductor orchestrates this dance.  But what drives this movement? Let's find out together!

Picture energy as a traveler, moving from hot to cold places. How does it choose its path? Let's explore and unravel this mystery!🔍

How does it travel?

Heat energy makes atoms move

What drives this movement?

Concept of heat transfer

Heat energy travels from hot to cold

Thermal dynamics

🌡️Temperature, not just a number but a reflection of molecular commotion. Explore the nuances of warmth and coolness. Learn why our senses deceive us in  the realm of thermodynamics.

Navigate the highways of  thermal transmission.  Conduction, the silent exchange through touch. Convection, the fluid currents that carry warmth. Radiation, the dance of electromagnetic waves.⚡


Heat can be transferred in different ways



Matter can exist in different states: solid, liquid, gas. Heat can cause substances to change states. Understanding the concept of state changes. Let's watch their graceful transformation!🌌

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