Grade 3 CogAT Test Preparation

CoGAT is like a treasure hunt of learning! We're gearing up to understand marks, patterns, and question types.

CoGAT has different sections, each with its own marks. Imagine you get 5 marks for solving a puzzle. How many puzzles to get 15 marks?

CoGAT has a pattern, like a secret code. If the first section is math, what could be next? It's like solving a pattern puzzle!

CoGAT has easy, medium, and tricky questions. It's like climbing a mountain. Can you identify the difficulty level of this math problem?

CoGAT has different types of questions – math, verbal, and non-verbal. Let's go on a quest to discover them together!

Ready to master CoGAT? Practice various question types at It's like having a guide on your treasure hunt!

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