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Comprehensive Tutoring

Master AP Physics 1 & 2 with personalized guidance from expert tutors through our online program.

Boost Your Scores

Our tutors provide targeted AP Physics 1 help to enhance your understanding and improve your scores.

Affordable Pricing

Benefit from competitive and affordable pricing, making top-notch tutoring accessible to all.

Two Parts

AP Physics course is split into two parts, requiring a year's preparation for most students.

Solid Foundation

Gain a strong grasp of Physics principles in AP Physics 1 & 2, essential for building a solid foundation.

Course Content

AP Physics 1 covers mechanics, work & energy, and basic electrical circuits. AP Physics 2 delves into electricity, magnetism, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and more

No Prerequisites

While geometry and Algebra II are beneficial, you don't need a prior Physics course for AP Physics.

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