Environmental Issues

Humans over the years have  been blamed for the deterioration   of our environment in many ways – from over-hunting to climate change. But what are the real consequences?🤔

Environmental Pollution refers  to all the ways in which people pollute their surroundings. But how exactly are we polluting our air, water, and soil? 🏭💧🌱

Solid waste

Air pollution

Water pollution

Soil pollution


Radiation Pollution

Global warming is causing drastic changes in weather patterns and temperatures. How is this impacting life on Earth, and what can we do about it? 🌡️🌊🌍

Human activities like deforestation and urbanization are destroying natural habitats. But what does this mean for the plants and animals that call these places home? 🌳🚜🌆

Conservation is crucial as species face extinction and ecosystems are at risk. How can we unite to safeguard the environment for future generations? 🦋🌎🌱


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