Energy Transfer

🌟 Energy Transfer 🌟 Let's uncover the mysteries of how energy transforms and moves, shaping our world.πŸ’‘

πŸ’‘ Potential Energy πŸ’‘ Discover stored energy waiting to unleash its power!

πŸ”₯ Kinetic Energy πŸ”₯ Explore the energy of motion! How does motion shape our world?

πŸ” Forms of EnergyπŸ” Β Delve into the various energy types around us! Can you spot them in your daily life?πŸ‘€

5. Electrical Energy

1. Kinetic Energy

2. Potential Energy

3. Thermal (Heat) Energy

4. Chemical Energy

6. Nuclear Energy

πŸ”„ Energy Transfer πŸ”„ See how potential becomes kinetic, and kinetic morphs into mechanical or electrical energy.

βš–οΈ Law of Conservation βš–οΈ Despite changes, energy remains constant.

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