Energy Resources Grade 7 Science Worksheets

Hey friends! Today, we're going on a cool adventure to learn about energy. It's what makes everything work! Ready to find out more?

Guess what? There are many types of energy, like sunshine, wind, and even things underground! Each one helps us in different ways. Let's meet them!

Types of Energy Resources

Did you know we used to get energy from things like coal and oil? They're like the superheroes from the past, but sometimes they cause problems. Let's learn more!

Fossil Fuels

Nature has some awesome ways to give us energy without hurting the Earth. We can use sunlight and wind to make clean and green power. How cool is that?

Renewable Energy

Did you know we can use tiny things called atoms to make a lot of energy? It's like magic, but we have to be careful. Let's explore the magic of atoms!

Nuclear Energy

Guess what? We can be superheroes too by saving energy! Turning off lights and using special tools can help our planet. Let's be energy-saving superheroes!

Energy Conservation

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