Electricity and Magnetism

Imagine turning on a light switch—electricity flows through wires, lighting up the bulb, showing electrical currents' path.

Electrical Currents

Bring two magnets together; feel them attract or repel. This demonstrates magnetic forces and poles' interaction.

Magnetic Fields

Wrap wire around a nail, connect it to a battery—the nail becomes magnetic. This showcases electricity and magnetism's fusion, seen in electromagnets.

Electromagnetic Connection

Think of speakers; electricity flows through a coil, interacting with a magnet, producing sound waves.

Practical Implementations

Build circuits with batteries, wires, bulbs—understand how electricity flows, switches control it. Experiment with magnets and electromagnets, observing their properties.

Interactive Experiments

Design a circuit to power a device; demonstrate understanding of electrical currents and magnetic fields through practical application.

Comprehensive Assessment

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