ELA Summer Course For Middle Level (For Grades – 6, 7 & 8)

Level Up Your ELA Skills


This ELA summer course, designed for grades 6-8, helps middle school students strengthen their language arts foundation in reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing, and grammar.

Expert Instruction


Led by experienced English tutors, the course provides a comprehensive and engaging learning experience to improve students' critical thinking and communication skills.

Personalized Learning


The eight-week program can be customized to address each student's individual needs and learning goals.

Master Reading Comprehension


Develop strong reading comprehension skills through analyzing texts, identifying key ideas, and drawing conclusions from various reading materials.

Become a Confident Writer


Enhance writing abilities in a supportive environment. Learn proper grammar, craft clear and concise writing, and gain experience in different writing styles.

Get Ahead in School


This valuable summer program prepares students for the upcoming school year's curriculum and equips them with the necessary skills to excel in middle school English.

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