ELA Summer Course 2024 – For Elementary Level 2

ELA Summer Course 2024


Join eTutorWorld’s ELA Summer Course 2024. Book a free session with qualified tutors. Experience personalized learning in Language Arts, Vocabulary, Reading, and Writing.

Quick Summary of the Course


Personalized live tutoring over 8-10 weeks. Flexible scheduling via Zoom. Access study materials on eTutorWorld.com. Prices start at $299 for 10 sessions.

Tackle the Summer Slide


Combat learning loss with our ELA course for Grades 3-5. Prepare for the next grade with targeted instruction.

eTutorWorld’s ELA Summer Course


Specialized curriculum over 8 weeks. Engaging sessions based on common core pedagogy. Bridge learning gaps caused by disruptions.

Diagnostic Assessment Test


Customize learning with diagnostic assessments. Identify strengths and areas for improvement. Get personalized attention from our tutors.

ELA Summer Course Structure


Explore Language Arts, Vocabulary, Reading, and Writing over 8 weeks. Personalized tutoring ensures success. Visit eTutorWorld.com for excellence.

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