ELA Summer Course 2024 – Advanced Level

Critical Thinking Bootcamp


This advanced ELA summer course (grades 9-10) hones your critical thinking and communication skills, preparing you for the demands of high school English.

Master Complex Texts


Delve deeper into literature! The course strengthens reading comprehension, vocabulary acquisition, and writing skills through engaging activities that explore advanced concepts.

Analyze Like a Pro


Learn to dissect literature, identify literary devices, and develop persuasive writing arguments, taking your analytical skills to the next level.

Become a Confident Communicator


Hone your research and critical thinking skills to become a more confident and effective communicator in writing and beyond.

Express Yourself Powerfully


Develop a strong foundation in writing persuasive arguments, empowering you to express yourself clearly and confidently.

Get Ahead in School


This valuable summer program prepares students for the upcoming school year's curriculum and equips them with the necessary skills to excel in middle school English.

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