Compounds and Mixtures 

Ever wondered what makes up the stuff around us? Let's dive into Compounds and Mixtures together!🌟

🔬🔍 Compounds are like secret recipes! They're made when different atoms team up. Take water (H2O) for example! But there's more to explore!

💡💧 Mixtures are like a magical blend of ingredients! They're physically mixed, like salt in water. But can you separate them again? Let's find out!

✨Separating Mixtures!✨ Discover the magic tricks to separate mixtures! From handpicking to evaporation, there's a method for every mix! But there's more magic to uncover!

🧪Exploring Techniques!🔍 From distillation to filtration, science has cool ways to separate mixtures! Ever heard of chromatography? Let's unravel the mysteries together!

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