CogAT Ability Profile – Definition 

What shapes your child's academic abilities? Discover the key to unlocking their abilities with the CogAT Ability Profile. 🎓

Discover why the CogAT is crucial for Gifted and Talented programs. Gain insights into how it shapes your child's educational journey. 🌟

Decoding CogAT Scores.  Delve into the intricate scoring system of the CogAT. Learn about Raw Scores, USS, SAS, PR, and Stanine, and their implications for your child's academic future. 📊


Raw Scores

Universal Scale Score (USS)

Standard Age Score (SAS)

Percentile Rank (PR)

Take a closer look at the  elements that make up a CogAT Profile. Understand the significance of Stanine Scores, Score Patterns, and Relative Strength/Weakness in guiding your child's educational path. 💡

Understanding the CogAT profile allows tailored education, revealing strengths, weaknesses, and growth opportunities for your child's development.

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