Area of a Parallelogram Grade 6 Math Worksheets


 In this six-slider web story, we'll explore the fascinating topic of "Area of a Parallelogram." 

What's a Parallelogram?

Before we dive into area, let's define a parallelogram. It's a four-sided shape with opposite sides that are parallel. In simple terms, it's like a leaning rectangle.

Finding the Base & Height

To calculate the area of a parallelogram, you need the base and height. The base is one of the parallel sides, and the height is the distance between the two bases. Remember this for later!

Area Formula

Now that we have the base and height, calculating the area is easy! Just multiply the base by the height. The formula is: Area = Base × Height.

Example Time!

Let's practice with an example. If the base of a parallelogram is 8 cm and the height is 5 cm, what's the area? Use the formula (Area = Base × Height) to find out!

Mastering Parallelogram Area

Congratulations! You've completed our web story on the area of a parallelogram. Encourage your 6th grader to practice and explore more math worksheets to sharpen their math skills.

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