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Human Skeletal System

Grade 5 Science Worksheets

Introduction to the Skeletal System

Bones give our body structure and support. Imagine a house without a frame – that's our skeleton! Let's explore the amazing world of our skeletal system.

Did you know, the adult human body has 206 bones? Some fuse as we grow. It's like a puzzle coming together! Check out the main bones in our body.

How Many Bones Do We 

Have ?

Bones at Work: Protecting Organs

Our skeleton is like a superhero cape, protecting vital organs like the heart and lungs. It's our body's own armor!

The human skeletal system is a complex structure of bones, cartilage, and ligaments that supports and shapes the body, protects internal organ

Meet The Joints:

Our Body's Hinges

Growing Strong: How Bones Grow

Just like trees, our bones grow too! Learn how they grow, repair, and stay strong. It's like nature's construction project inside our bodies!

Calcium is the superhero for our bones. It's like the builder bringing strength to the construction site. Discover the importance of a calcium-rich diet.

Healthy Bones: 

The Role of Calcium

and explore more.

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