Net of a Square Pyramid  Grade 6 Math Worksheets 

Welcome to the world of square pyramids! Imagine a 3D shape with a square base and triangular sides. Let's explore its secrets!

A square pyramid has 5 faces and 8 edges. The base is a square, and the sides are triangles. Count the faces and edges in your own square pyramid!

A "net" is a 2D pattern that can be folded to make a 3D shape. The net of a square pyramid looks like this. Try making one!

Time for some hands-on fun! Cut out the net, fold along the lines, and tape it together to create a mini square pyramid. How does it feel?

Square pyramids are all around us. Think of the Great Pyramid in Egypt or a tent. Can you spot any other square pyramids in your daily life?

Now it's your turn! Create a square pyramid using cardboard or paper. Decorate it and share your masterpiece with us. You're a square pyramid pro now!

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