5 ideas to celebrate International Women’s Day with kids

Kick off International Women's Day by encouraging your child to extend a warm greeting to the remarkable women in their lives. A simple 'thank you' goes a long way!

Immerse your child in captivating stories and female-centric animated movies. From classics like 'Frozen' to empowering tales like 'Mulan,' let the journey of storytelling and celebration begin!

Engage in creative artwork expressing appreciation for influential women. Bake or cook a special dish together, celebrating the occasion with a dash of creativity and deliciousness!

Encourage your child to express gratitude through handwritten letters. Let them share their feelings and appreciation with heartfelt notes to the women who make a difference in their lives.

Share inspiring stories of women who broke barriers and made history. From historical figures to everyday heroes, these stories teach courage and resilience, shaping your child's understanding of empowerment.

Celebrate Women's Day with a communal dinner party. Gather friends, family, and neighbors to discuss the importance of gender equality. Empower your child to share thoughts and experiences in this inclusive celebration!

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