Types of Force Worksheet

The Force Odyssey: A Journey Into the Unknown

Ever wondered why you feel a breeze or how a ball stops rolling? What moves, stops, and molds our surroundings? Explore: Types, Impact, Friction, and More.

Shape Shifters – Force at Play

Learn how force can mold objects into various shapes. Did you know your creativity involves the power of force?

Contact & Non-Contact Forces

stick to a magnet? Dive into contact and non-contact forces!

Friction Unveiled

Discover the role of friction in ensuring control, traction, and safety as a car navigates different surfaces. Explore air, water, and surface resistance.

Simple Machines – Force Helpers

Lift heavy weights effortlessly! Discover the magic of levers, pulleys, wheels, screws, and gears. They make force work for you!

Unlock the secrets of forces and turn small efforts into big achievements. Ready to explore the forceful world?